Inside Café Café

stu pic for webOwner: Stuart Dickson

Our cuisine is traditional Italian fare with hints of Southwestern influences. Our traditional favorites are home-style good and our Southwestern influenced dishes are creative and unique. We use only the freshest ingredients from local sources when possible. Everything is made in house including daily fresh baked bread and rolls.

Our restaurant is a warm and comfortable environment where friends and family can meet to enjoy the comforts of life. Both lunch and dinner are served with a friendly manner where you feel like family. A casual style at lunch and a table cloth and candlelight dinner environment.

With live music on Friday and Saturday nights, Café Café is more then a place to eat it is a place where memories are made. When weather permits, we have a beautiful outdoor patio for dining.

Café Café combines great food made from scratch, friendly service and an upscale energetic atmosphere. Add an owner greeting and working the floor, this combination makes for a special dining experience.

Artfully Yours

Dominique - header

Cafe Cafe is proud to feature the works of Dominique Boisjoli, in the perfect fusion of taste and atmosphere.

An Interview. If happiness were something that could be beheld, then the place to view it would be in the paintings of Dominique Boisjoli. A joyful explosion of color and movement, each of her large, graceful works is totally unique and expresses a cheerfulness that can transform the mood of a room. Originally from Montreal, Canada, Dominique started painting at the age of eight, and with the encouragement of her parents began studying with a professional artist and coach by the time she was 13 years old.

“Painting is something that always came very naturally to me,” says Dominique ; “I typically become inspired by something that I see in nature, or while walking through a city or even in a movie. It can be something as important as a national event, or as small as a collection of colors that triggers an idea or an emotion that I am moved to express on canvas.”  
Dominique says that she often creates her works in a series, with each new painting telling a different piece of the “story” that she is trying to convey and including different details. “I usually continue working on a series until the opportunity that inspired me is fully expressed. I believe that approaching a painting this way infuses it with a certain amount of passion that would be absent if I just approached it cold. It is my hope that my excitement for the subject comes through in each painting.” It likely does, as Dominique’s paintings sell quickly out of every gallery where they are shown.  Boisjoli work is represented in galleries in Florida,Texas, Seattle, Santa Fe, California and Montreal. Dominique works in acrylic on canvas and paper with the addition of gold leaf creating her personal signature that fascinates her collectors. She integrates gold leaf into her rich colors to display a kind of otherworldly treasure chest. The hues of lapis, turquoise, sugilite, emerald and pearl with gold accents lavish a visual feast upon the beholder. Her equally lush surfaces are built up with as many as 35 layers. For Boisjoli, the painting conveys her own emotional response to the subject.
“Art is more than something that an artist does. It is an expression of who they are and the way that they see the world. “I am pleased that my paintings make so many people feel happy, I communicate my feelings and hope people embrace it .” says Dominique. “I view the world in a positive way and I am very glad to share that.”
 “Art is something that can’t be forced. It must be a true expression of what you are feeling or it looks less than genuine and people won’t respond to it. The best work is created when the artist expresses themselves honestly. That is why paintings by different artists look different. They are a reflection of the artist’s outlook and life experiences and those are the elements that people instinctively recognize and relate to. They are what make a painting meaningful for the viewer.”


Our Secret Recipe

Executive Chef, Miqueas Celote

Miqueas has been with Café Café since its inception in 2008. He brings a great deal of experience and culinary expertise in Italian and traditional New Mexican fare. This combination is very clear in his daily specials and new menu items that are cutting edge and help define our Southwestern Italian fare.

Some specialties?

Calamartachokes – This appetizer is ½ Calamari and ½ Artichoke Hearts dredged in our house herb batter then deep fried and served with bagna cauda, house marinara and herbed aioli. Our Buffalo Meat Green Chile Lasagna is a house specialty with LaMont’s Buffalo meat and fresh pasta it is a new classic.

The Pizza is a combination of a great thin crust and house made pizza sauce. With an assortment of fresh toppings any taste can be satisfied. Our Spumoni is the best in town, made with house made gelato, Amarone cherries and candied citrus peel this dessert is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.